Do you believe in fate?

I don’t. But you should.

If you’re reading this, that’s because we’ve met or you found me. And that, in itself, is a really good thing.


Well, some meanspirited or desillusioned people think that, in our business, it’s all about robbing each others.

You know what? I disagree.

Not by much, mind you: by only one letter.

In this business, I believe, it’s more about RUB-bing!

Rubbing hands, rubbing shoulders, rubbing each other’s ideas.

With rubbing come sparks and with sparks, fire!

That’s why YOU-meeting-ME-meeting-YOU is nothing less than  FAN-TAS-TIC!

But don’t just take my word for it, see what those two fiction stars have to say about it:

Let us build up fiction with friction. (Rubber De Niro)

Life is short, but STORIES are for ever. (Rubbin’ Hood)


So, get in touch and let us work together!

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