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Your team needs a writer who's both productive and fun to work with? Ask me on a date! (I'm an easy catch)

Dr Story

Your storyline is broken. Let's fix it!

Script reading

You can't see your gorgeous secretary any more? That stack of scripts needs to shrink!  


From English to French to German and back to English: let's conquer that Babel Tower!

Writer Branding

It's a wild world out there. To flourish, your talent needs a solid brand. Let's build one together!

Career Help

I can help you get that job!

Some lovin’

Arnaud thinks well and fast, has a great sense of humor and his communication background makes him as good a salesman as he’s a good writer (…) If you’re on the look out for an all-rounded talent, Arnaud is someone you certainly can bet on!

Sophie Sallin

Sophie Sallin

TV Producer @ RTS

The right ingredients

There is a ton of writers out there with very different sets of skills, both hard and soft. While I continually seek to improve myself in some areas, this is what I believe I do best:


What writing should feel like

Writing is like breathing…under water! If you don’t feel like you’re drowning, you’re not doing it right. Remember that scene in James Cameron’s film “The Abyss” where Ed Harris has […]

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