What writing should feel like

Writing is like breathing…under water!

If you don’t feel like you’re drowning, you’re not doing it right.

Remember that scene in James Cameron’s film “The Abyss” where Ed Harris has to first drown in a super-oxygenated fluid to be able to breathe?

That’s how writing-done-right should feel like.

The sheer angst that you will not be able to make it; that you set the barre too high for yourself; that the clock is suddenly ticking way too quickly…

Cracking the code open in the end can only feel like a bliss if you did set out for the impossible to begin with.

Don’t make it easy on yourself, it’ll come across and your viewers will hate you for it.

So make it big! Make it electrifying! Make it unavoidable…

And go panic your life away for those pure moments of beauty.


It’s all worth it.



2 thoughts on “What writing should feel like

  1. I couldn’t agree more! So many so called “writers”, so few suffering enough to make magic happen on the page…

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